Rebuilding Gaza’s Tunnels

After the Egyptian army destroyed from their side all the tunnels connecting Gaza to Egypt, Palestinian tunnel workers and owners are starting to rebuild the underground channels in Rafah, near the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Daily life in Gaza

The most complex place and the simplest ever is Gaza, but the strongest as well,Each war come and end, life returns as it was but in a strong manner and a welling to live, to love and to bear more children in order to draw the future for such small place as Gaza.

Pottery making in Gaza

Atallah family is one of the oldest families producing pottery in Gaza. Their factory was established over 60 years ago and are now struggling to maintain not only their business but an ancestral tradition. The security situation in Gaza and the Israeli blockade has made their business unprofitable and on the brink of vanishing.  

The Little Smuggler

Mohamed Alhwani a 12-year-old, Palestinian refugee live in Rafah near  the Egyptian border in the southern Gaza Strip,he spent 6 hours a day at work inside the tunnel, and returns late at night while in the morning he goes to school.

“Operation Pillar of Defense” on Gaza

Israel’s latest operation, Pillar of Defense, officially launched on 14 November with the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing. Since then, Israeli airstrikes have hit hundreds of targets across Gaza, destroying homes and killing dozens of Palestinians, many of them civilians.

The Battle of Aleppo

The Free Syrian Army in Aleppo is made up of separate brigades and battalions, They cooperate when they encounter shortages of ammunition or manpower. Once rebels had liberated the countryside of Aleppo , they moved onto the city of Aleppo to fight Bashar al-Assad Army there.