Palestinian photo and video journalist based in Istanbul,Turkey.

He was born in Gaza Strip and studied Radio and TV in Al Aqsa university, He has been working for the past 8 years in covering the news, conflicts and Arab revolutions in the middle East and impact of the war on the people in the following countries:

– The Syrian conflict and its impacts since 2012 till now.

– The ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Gaza’s news 2008-2013.

– News and clashes following the Egyptian revolution 2011-2012.

–  Gaza/Israel War “Operation Pillar of Defense” 2012.

 – News and stories about the Turkish-Kurdish issue and the Turkish-Syrian border.


– He has won first place in the “UN Correspondents Association” in 2013.

– He had been nominated for UNICEF Photo of the Year Award 2013.

– He was selected for the Noor-Nikon masterclass for documentary photography 2014.

– He had awarded the 3rd best news photographer in 2011 by Thomson Foundation.

– Finalist of Tumbhi Award “Indian” in 2012.

– Finalist of American Echo Award for photojournalism “2012”


– He is working as freelance photo-video journalist for AFP Agency, Al Jazeera English, Capa TV,

Anadolu Agency and United Press International.

– He works regularly for the French Agency For Media Cooperation “CFI”.

– He was NurPhoto’s Photo Editor for Middle East 2013-2014.

His pictures has featured prominently in International media such as Wall Street Journal, Telegraph, The Guardian, NYT, NewsWeek, United Press International, Zenith Magazine, Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper, Al-Jazeera, Egypt Independent Newspaper, World Policy Journal, Washington Post, LA Times and The National.