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  • “Operation Pillar of Defense” on Gaza

    Israel’s latest operation, Pillar of Defense, officially launched on 14 November with the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing. Since then, Israeli airstrikes have hit hundreds of targets across Gaza, destroying homes and killing dozens of Palestinians, many of them civilians.

  • A Break from fighting Assad’s regime

    Free Syrian Army fighters take a break from fighting Assad’s regime forces in Aleppo, Syria

  • Gaza Daily Life

    Gaza Daily Life

    The most complex place and the simplest ever is Gaza, but the strongest as well,Each war come and end, life returns as it was but in a strong manner and a welling to live, to love and to bear more children in order to draw the future for such small place as Gaza.

  • Cairo Tears

    Clashes between the Egyptian demonstrators and the Egyptian police in Cairo. 2011-2012